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Solar Water Pump

Solar Water Pumps

A solar water pumping system is an unique technology for lifting water that is powered by solar energy.

There are two types of Solar Water Pumping System viz.

  1. Solar Submersible Pump,
  2. Solar Surface Pump

The system typically consists of solar panels, solar inverter, controller, and sometimes a solar battery. These pumps are economical as they don’t need grid electricity and reduce carbon footprints also.

Solar water pumping system is a wonderful technique and can be applied for the following purposes where pumping water is needed:

  • Water for livestock
  • Water for crop irrigation
  • Drinking and cooking water supply

Usually, the need for water is maximum during the hot sunny days when the PV panels also produce the most power and most water will be pumped into the storage tank.

Due to the simplicity of solar powered water pump systems, this technology is reliable, and requires little maintenance

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