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Solar Power Generating System

Dust To Dawn Controller

  • PWM Based Solar Charge Controller 12V 10A
  • Operation: Dusk to Dawn  / Timer: 1 – 11 hours with 1 hour interval option
  • Adequate Reverse polarity, Battery Deep discharge, Battery over charge and short Circuit protection provided

Charge Controller Regulator

  • Available in various 12V / 24V ratings
  • Adequate Reverse polarity, Battery deep discharge, Battery over charge and Short circuit protections provided.
  • Highly precise Temperature Compensated set points. Offers long life to batteries
  • Wide operating Temperature Range

Solar Battery

We also supply MNRE approved Solar Batteries of different specifications

  • 12V 20 Ah
  • 12V 30 Ah
  • 12V 40 Ah

Solar PV Module

  • Various ratings of solar modules from 1Wp to 300Wp available
  • Premium quality raw material used from leading world-wide suppliers
  • High efficiency mono / multi crystalline solar cells
  • High conversion efficiency,long life span, convenient and easy installation high resistance against wind pressure, hailstone protection

Solar Power Generating System

  • 12V 600VA, 12V 125Wp x 1 No, 12V 150Ah x 1 Nos.
  • 12V 800VA, 12V 100Wp x 2 Nos, 12V 120Ah x 2 Nos.
  • 24V 1000VA, 12V 150Wp x 2 Nos, 12V 150Ah x 2 Nos.

Solar Power Plant

  • 24V 1 KVA, 24V 250Wp x 4 Nos., 12V 180Ah x 2 Nos.
  • 24V 1 KVA, 24V 250Wp x 4 Nos., 2V 300Ah x 12 Nos.
  • 48V 1 KVA, 24V 250Wp x 4 Nos., 12V 150Ah x 4 Nos.

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