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Solar LED Home Light

Solar LED Home Light

Solar LED Home Light : MNRE Models

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  • 12V DC Packaged System includes PV Module , Battery, Regulator, LED Fixture and accessories
  • Mono / Poly Crystalline Solar PV Module
  • 3 days Power Backup for Non Sunny Days
  • Charging and Battery Low indicators – to indicate status of the battery
  • Two Step Charge Controller protects from over and deep discharging battery
  • Low Maintenance Battery
  • MNRE/CPRI approved Model
  • All the systems are consisting of the followings along with necessary Cable and accessories
Model Name Solar Module
(1 no.)
Solar Battery
(1 no.)
(1 no.)
Luminere 12V 9W Solar Fan
(< 18W)
MNRE Model – I 12V 6Wp 12V 7Ah 12V 6Amp 01 No. No
MNRE Model – II 12V 12Wp 12V 2Ah 12V 6Amp 02 No. No
MNRE Model – III 12V 24Wp 12V 20Ah 12V 10Amp 02 No. 01 No.
MNRE Model – IV 12V 24Wp 12V 20Ah 12V 10Amp 04 No. No

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